The Aquarius’ have plenty of romance within their mind; but lacks the will to put forward their preferences. The Aquarius expects their partners to do everything for them. The partners of the Aquarius’ are put into lot of hardships due to the lack of free and frank discussions between them. The Aquarius’ are used to mentally harass their partners; they just keep their partners in a guessing condition. The Aquarius becomes very loyal to their love partners, if the partner is able to understand and satisfy the needs of the Aquarius. 


The Aquarius does not share any information about their sexual activities even to the close friends. The Aquarius never makes the first move with their partners. The Aquarius expects their partners to understand the sexual needs and oblige them. The Aquarius do not show any disappointment too, if their expectations are not met. The Aquarius would use the sex as a tool to blackmail their partners; they judiciously use to improve their say in the routine lifestyle.


The Aquarius never actively indulge in love and romance affairs in the earlier stage; this is due to the various factors like the family and financial situation; or shyness felt by the Aquarius; fear of losing reputation in the society; or active engagement in other unrelated subjects.

The Aquarius accepts the proposal only if they are fully confident of the partners. The Aquarius sexual feelings are instigated by their partners. But here to, the Aquarius knows very well to have full control over their body and mind. The success of the Aquarius love life depends entirely on the initiative taken by the partners only; the Aquarius will stand as a mute spectator only. 


The Aquarius will usually have successful and matured relationship with their spouse. The Aquarius does not indulge in any kind of verbal abuses or harming their spouses physically. The Aquarius would be honored as an ideal spouse by their friends and the relatives. 

The Aquarius’ are quite submissive to their spouse; and completely subscribe to the views of the spouse. The spouse of the Aquarius would become the driving force behind the Aquarius itself. In the later part of the life, the Aquarius’ are completely dependent on their spouses for all their personal needs.

The Aquarius treats their spouse as equal in every aspect of the daily life; they discuss and arrive at a compromising situation on all personal matters including the sex. The Aquarius will gain upper hand with their spouse on the sexual matters by playing and confusing their spouse with guessing game. The Aquarius would come out fully successful in the job of being the spouse.



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