The Aquarius’ maintain close ties with their family members. Though they have quiet a lot of love and affection for their family members, they do not express it explicitly. The Aquarius does not make them available for any discussions and arguments within their family. But the Aquarius keeps track of the speeches and actions of the other family members.

The Aquarius never passes any positive or negative comments on any discussions that go around them. The Aquarius’ would respond with their comments only if asked to do so. Those comments made by the Aquarius would be very short and brief; but will have full impact on the disputed subjects.

The Aquarius too will not allow anyone to transgress into their personal limits beyond a limit. The Aquarius will be too much frustrated, by listening to the moral standards preached by anyone that goes beyond a reasonable limit. The Aquarius will not lose their patience even at a critical juncture too.


The Aquarius would maintain a decent, more full-blown and matured relationship with their spouse. The Aquarius’ are quite accommodative to the views of their spouse; and do not force any situation on their spouse too. The Aquarius would evolve mutually agreeable method to discuss on any issues and the ways to solve it too.

The Aquarius will try to avoid exposing their differences with their spouse at any given time. The Aquarius’ would try to hush up their differences in the public and try to work out a compromise formula in the private. The Aquarius’ will neither show their happiness and nor show their anger too.

The Aquarius’ would perform their duty as a spouse in an excellent manner; they could not be blamed for any deficiency as a spouse on any issues. In most cases, the Aquarius would provide necessary independence to their spouse. The Aquarius would eventually keep their spouse in high spirits too.


The Aquarius would never exercise excessive control over their children. But the Aquarius tries to keep their children under their control with their friendly behavior. The Aquarius will avoid excessive talking with their children too. 

This puts them at a disadvantageous position, due to the lack of free and frank interactions with their children. Thus the Aquarius leaves a sizable gap on their ties with their children in their middle age. The Aquarius will develop them as a tutor, spiritualist and moral guide; and conduct their children into successful path. The Aquarius’ would provide enough independence and opportunities to their children to come out successfully on their own.


The Aquarius would maintain a subdued, but successful relationship with their brothers/sisters. The Aquarius’ are actively helped by their brothers/sisters in the early age. The Aquarius would eventually utilize those opportunities to come up very quickly on their future life. The Aquarius will never forget the good deeds and help done by their brothers/sisters.

Though the Aquarius’s relationships with their brother/sisters are excellent; they maintain a low profile activity only. The Aquarius makes many compromise and adjustments with their brothers/sisters. The Aquarius’ growth either equals or better than their brothers/sisters at the later part of their life.



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