The Aquarius will have many friends to cherish; but very limited in maintaining the closeness with very few. The Aquarius’ are too comfortable with their friends than their family members. The Aquarius’ are quite popular among their friends circle  

The Aquarius’ are known for maintaining intellectual friendships; they maintain some standards in keeping their friendship. That is, the Aquarius’ are never accept everyone to be within their friendship circles; they make contacts with peoples who has the identical ideology and thoughts.

The Aquarius’ are known for maintaining strong friendships. Their friendships extend up to entire lifetime too. The Aquarius’ will never interfere in the personal matters of their friends and expects same from their friends too


The Aquarius would give reasonable attention in maintaining their beauty and tries to be attractive. But the Aquarius never oversteps their limits; they do not waste more money or time in enhancing their beauty. In most cases, the Aquarius will make their appearances quite natural and normal. The Aquarius will come up with the requisite personality for the jobs that are handled by them.


It is very rare to see the Aquarius, seething with uncontrollable anger; the anger of the Aquarius is very minimal and last for few minutes in an explicit manner. The Aquarius’ are good at controlling their emotions and regain the normal control over them in a short span of time. 

The Aquarius will display a sense of rigidness, when they become fully frustrated. The Aquarius would try to narrow down the differences or simply keep them quiet; they never create any ruckus over any issues. The Aquarius’ would simply ignore anyone when they are not comfortable.


The Aquarius enjoys the jokes and humorous events, shows and situations; they enjoy this happiness by displaying their applause. The Aquarius can not control their emotions while they are extremely happy; they show their happiness by clapping and admiration. But the Aquarius displays a sense of maturity in admiring the jokes. The Aquarius also makes fun of others, but that is limited to their inner circles. The Aquarius dislikes the fun being made out of them by unknown peoples; and those outside from their circles.   


The Aquarius’ never hurts anyone by their speeches; they maintain a great deal of maturity in maintaining the standards during the conversations. The Aquarius speaks very little, when speaking to the strangers, unknown peoples and those who are not familiar to them.

The Aquarius speeches are broken and often come out in an interrupted. It is well understood by those who are considered close to them. The Aquarius speaks in a moderate, but in a confident manner.


The Aquarius’ are too much interested in the entertainment; they involve themselves in all forms of the entertainment. But the Aquarius’ are too judicious in spending money and time for the entertainment. They do not allow their entertainment schedule to affect the normal activities in the life.

The Aquarius has more interests in indoor games, electronic games, scientific stories, and animated graphics. The Aquarius has been largely attracted towards outdoor games and activities. They are good at watching movies, games shows and moderate interests in the music arena.  

The Aquarius’ most preferred list of entertainment is dining out and taking periodical outings. The Aquarius’ are quite addicted to this travelling and dining, if that does not cost them too much. The Aquarius’ are able to control their dreams, if that does not fit into their budget; rather they prefer to wait for any longer period to achieve their objectives.  


The Aquarius’ are health conscious and try to keep their body in a perfect condition. The Aquarius’ are bit lazy to keep them fit; or their work schedules make it impossible to manage the health issues; or they live as couch potatoes. Thus the Aquarius voluntarily damages their perfect health. Barring age related disorders, the Aquarius’ are known to be of maintaining the good health. The Aquarius’ are quick to be infected by the illness; and quick to come out of it too.


The Aquarius’ are quiet selective on their menu. They eat very little, but eat only the choicest foods. The Aquarius’ used to maintain separate menus for them while living with others. The Aquarius’ favors new additions and dislikes eating traditional foods.

The Aquarius’ doesn’t mind in eating too much of their favorite dishes; this could be one of the reasons that affects their health. In general, the Aquarius’ are known for having greater control over their diets.