The Aquarius are most matured and measured in their response. They talk very less and avoid unnecessary discussions. The Aquarius maintains a calm, cool and composed character of them. The Aquarius’ are quite wary of mingling with large crowds.

The Aquarius’ are quite shy of making friendship at the first instance. But they maintain a strong and steady relationship with their friends. The Aquarius never tries to interfere in others personal matters; they will never pass any comments on it too.

The Aquarius will try to avoid any direct question on their comments, response and explanations too. But the Aquarius’ are good at arriving at solutions and judgments. The rare comments or directions that are given by the Aquarius would be of immense help to those who are close to them.

It is difficult to gauge the strength of the Aquarius with respect to their skills knowledge and the financial position. The Aquarius’ are highly skilled and talented peoples; they never trumpet about their possessed skills too. This could even lead to non recognition of their talents too.

The Aquarius’ are quite responsive to their close friends and family members; they love them too much. But they will never show their love and affection in an explicit manner. It is often misconstrued by others that the Aquarius’ are quite very insensitive.

The Aquarius’ are able to swallow their emotions and disappointments without any trace. The Aquarius’ are highly alert to the situation that surrounds them. The Aquarius’ are quite adjustable and maintain harmonious ties too.


The excessive secrecy and aloofness that has been maintained by the Aquarius would create a negative impression on their character. The Aquarius would also fail to capitalize on their talents and skills due to lack of transparency on their views and actions. 

The slow and torpid actions of the Aquarius could be misinterpreted to be of ineffective talents too. Also the failure to express in a proper manner could place them in disadvantageous position in a competitive manner. 


 The Aquarius’ are highly monotonous in nature. Though the Aquarius speaks well and moves closer, there would be some uneasiness being felt by their guests. The Aquarius behavior would bring some discomfort to their relatives; but the Aquarius never expresses the disappointments through their words or actions.
The Aquarius tries to practice some sort of apartheid against certain type of people, whom they do not like; those who do not meet their standards. Thus the Aquarius’ are known to be at the receiving end for their peculiar views on their friends, family and the relatives. The Aquarius’ are little egoistic on their skills and social status.



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